ACTUALLY TERRIFYING | Resident Evil: Village - Part 6

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This might just be the scariest part in all of Resident Evil... good thing Lady Dimitrescu was there to help me get through it!
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  1. -Anime_ Loli-
    -Anime_ Loli-
    преди 44 минути

    14:06 gets flashbacks to his granny gameplay series thing 0-0

  2. Darth Serenity
    Darth Serenity
    преди час

    the way we were all reminded that this was a horror game was waaaaaay over the top

  3. Jan Jan
    Jan Jan
    преди 3 часа

    Gosh I just saw a person I swear!!!!!

  4. Hayden Hershberger
    Hayden Hershberger
    преди 5 часа

    i feel you mark

  5. theghosttintheattic
    преди 10 часа

    This one really makes me feel so at peace and anxiety free 😳 i’m fine.

  6. Paul Oltman
    Paul Oltman
    преди 10 часа

    Oh no is the twist that mother Miranda is mia

  7. Paul Oltman
    Paul Oltman
    преди 11 часа

    20:20 I wouldn't be surprised if kojima helped with this game

  8. Mitch Vechart
    Mitch Vechart
    преди 11 часа

    11:00 I’m a brave boy 11:11 Not a brave enough BOY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!

  9. Paul Oltman
    Paul Oltman
    преди 11 часа

    11:05 mark: "I'm a brave boy" *opens door* mark: not a brave enough boy for this

    1. Mitch Vechart
      Mitch Vechart
      преди 11 часа

      God dammit you were 2 minutes faster than me 😂

  10. Paul Oltman
    Paul Oltman
    преди 11 часа

    10:39 oooh this is very pt

  11. Paul Oltman
    Paul Oltman
    преди 11 часа

    9:44 I'm sorry when did this turn into silent hill

  12. Jacob Loftin
    Jacob Loftin
    преди 11 часа

    Mark: sees dolls Also Mark: cries”

  13. karin reimer
    karin reimer
    преди 13 часа

    The level of anxiety I had for this man during this whole run is ineffable

  14. Taylor Steer
    Taylor Steer
    преди 15 часа

    “I don’t even like my own baby” *Momento Mori* intensifies

  15. Riza 240
    Riza 240
    преди 17 часа


  16. Void
    преди 19 часа

    I hate dolls aswell

  17. Void
    преди 19 часа

    Ethan breathing Mark “don’t breath so goddamn loud you asshole”

  18. Void
    преди 19 часа

    Mark “I’m a very brave man, I’m not that brave”

  19. PFC-Hider
    преди 19 часа

    22:40 when you experience pain and laughter at the same time.

  20. Sie Sands
    Sie Sands
    преди 20 часа

    I really gotta stop watching the ads I can skip. While it's nice to forget I'm watching a horror game and get a little break, I genuinely forget I'm watching a horror game and go back to being terrified

    преди 20 часа

    This honestly some of the most terrifying stuff I have seen the people at Capcom make up. That baby is just, disturbing.

  22. I'm everywhere
    I'm everywhere
    преди ден

    If you offer me to stay 1night with hundreds of dolls I will choose to die

  23. DragonTamer 9765
    DragonTamer 9765
    преди ден

    I love how he stopped midsentence just hum at a Corpse

  24. Willie King
    Willie King
    преди ден

    Felt genuine fear at the elevator taking FOREVER!!! Started saying “OPEN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” like I was playing

  25. 「•sυɴғlower‐Εѵε•」
    преди ден

    Mark: *having panic attacks over the creepy dolls* Me: *having panic attacks over the doors shutting*

  26. Emmit Risch
    Emmit Risch
    преди ден

    My stress level went from 0 to 1000 in 10 seconds

  27. Crystal M Hawley
    Crystal M Hawley
    преди ден

    at 32:46 was so funny, Mark really thought he went deaf for a second; he even had to check just to make sure😂😂

  28. SpongeboyMeBob
    преди ден

    27:14 In my 10+ years of watching Markiplier this is probably the most scared I've ever seen him

  29. The Fallen Angels
    The Fallen Angels
    преди ден

    The estate kinda looks like the hotel from The Shining

  30. JJ Miller
    JJ Miller
    преди ден

    "I’m the best" 😟 *jdj*

  31. Lone Libra
    Lone Libra
    преди ден

    The baby part of this boss fucked me up. I legit had to take a minute and step away from the game and my legs were super wobbly because of that thing

  32. ¿TheBlue1skies?
    преди ден

    At 27:00 I was like don’t be sky keep going! You have 10 minutes left :>

  33. ¿TheBlue1skies?
    преди ден

    My dads doll fear will go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Read till end trust me he is terrified of dolls

  34. Twix 5000
    Twix 5000
    преди ден

    Anyone else realize the gods are the gods from the story in the beginning

  35. Sai
    преди ден

    Noted, Mark is more scared of mannequins and rusty dolls than he is of resurrected people covered in flies in a house with a gorgonic less petrifying more choppy version of Medusa

  36. Namtiddies
    преди ден

    will someone tell me if he has to hide in the locker thing and when Edit: nvm..

  37. Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    преди ден

    Did this monster ever get explained?

  38. SombraSniper
    преди 2 дни

    Me during the elevator scene when i played it myself "AHHHHHHHH OPEN! OPEN! OPEN THE FUCKING ELEVATOR!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!" Mark you handled that fairly well

  39. SBoTheBean
    преди 2 дни

    Man this part was terrifying! It was like a painful slap back into reality or waking up to a nightmare in the middle of a pleasant dream! I know exactly how Mark felt in this section, for I too have a fear of mannequins, dolls, etc. I was cowering and bracing myself for a big scare the entire time! Mark truly is a brave soul, I wouldn't be able to get pass this section! I'd probably be able to make it to the house but upon entering it, I'd be too paralyzed with fear to continue. I don't know what it is but those things just fill me with bad vibes!

  40. soul assassin
    soul assassin
    преди 2 дни

    Marks genuine fear though

  41. dog person
    dog person
    преди 2 дни

    I hate children

  42. OtakuDerk
    преди 2 дни

    Why does his aim get cracked when he’s aiming at a chicken but nothing else?

  43. Mimi 2810
    Mimi 2810
    преди 2 дни

    When he hid in the cabinet thing who else got granny vibes

  44. Red Johnston
    Red Johnston
    преди 2 дни


  45. Texastoros 34
    Texastoros 34
    преди 2 дни

    Tell me 69 Reasons y he should be a hunter

  46. Angel Weeb And Kpop Stan
    Angel Weeb And Kpop Stan
    преди 2 дни

    No because the silence gave me *ANXIETY* Like anything would happen and I would get scared. He turned the corner, I was fucking scared. The elevator door closed, I was fucking scared. HE OPENS A DOOR, *I.WAS.FUCKING.SCARED.* 😃

  47. Alyra Schoen
    Alyra Schoen
    преди 2 дни

    That baby thing is scariest thing I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of horror, I hate it so much

  48. Colin Gilmore
    Colin Gilmore
    преди 2 дни

    I like how Mark’s more terrified just walking trough the halls of a mansion compared to the castle

  49. Celtic Equine
    Celtic Equine
    преди 2 дни

    Idk why I’m here bc I’m scared of horror. In hiding in the comments permanently until the next 2 episodes are over

  50. Malachi Darzi
    Malachi Darzi
    преди 2 дни

    good thing he didn't mess up the intro this time🤣🤣

  51. Paris Forbes
    Paris Forbes
    преди 2 дни

    am-am i the only one who watched this full screen and not afraid 🤨 guess im brave

  52. jenifer treadway
    jenifer treadway
    преди 2 дни

    Mark: Walks into room Doll: *In chair* Mark: Ight I'm out. Who cares about my child anyways

  53. Leonidas Gowrie
    Leonidas Gowrie
    преди 2 дни

    Once you piss your pants once, you get used to it when it happens again. And if anyone reading this hasn't watched the video yet, do yourself a favor and stay in the comment section once you get to House Beneviento.

  54. HallowJack0 7
    HallowJack0 7
    преди 2 дни


  55. Jack Strange
    Jack Strange
    преди 3 дни

    Mark really got into Beneviento and went from zero to shitting his pants REAL QUICK. Edit: I HAVE SERIOUSLY NEVER SEEN MARK THIS FREAKED OUT.

  56. Mrfreestyle 16
    Mrfreestyle 16
    преди 3 дни

    the baby and the sound effects really creeped me out

  57. Clotted Scream
    Clotted Scream
    преди 3 дни

    Why does mark laugh like a looney toons character when he’s scared

  58. Izahk Crowe
    Izahk Crowe
    преди 3 дни

    Mark: Kills 9 foot tall demon lady Also Mark: Scared of a couple dolls Mark again: This is really tripping my mannequin phobia Me: Maybe you shouldn’t play a game with living dolls and a mannequin phobia

  59. Pandastuck
    преди 3 дни

    I love the house Beneviento, it's the best bit of the game by far! Sorry Lady D, Donna and Angie will always be the best in my heart

  60. dino823
    преди 3 дни

    Yeah I know resident evil is good at making puzzle and hard game but in resident evil 8 it's scary I don't get scared in other resident evil games but this

  61. Robyn R
    Robyn R
    преди 3 дни

    ya know my fear of the dark, mannikins, being chased, and by fear of being chased in the dark really came out in this episode.

  62. Matthew
    преди 3 дни

    Someone pick up the phone, because he did call it..

  63. unknown gamer Raybould
    unknown gamer Raybould
    преди 3 дни

    I laughed Soo many times watching mark go wee frickin wee 🤣😂 it kills me I've seen it 3 times and I'm still teaching and giggling 😆

  64. Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith
    преди 3 дни

    19:32 damn near thought that the doll would be like "hey bitch!"

  65. Hank Flitz
    Hank Flitz
    преди 3 дни

    The thing that I love most about Beneviento’s level is the elevator reminds me a lot of the lift Rachel and Zack used to get around in Angels of Death.

  66. Alex
    преди 3 дни

    27:12 was prolly my favorite part

  67. Ferrin leon'sons
    Ferrin leon'sons
    преди 3 дни

    ah yes my favorite kinds of horror: monsters and psychological warfare

  68. Ferrin leon'sons
    Ferrin leon'sons
    преди 3 дни

    oh right mark has a maniquin phobia

  69. derek wuw
    derek wuw
    преди 3 дни

    spoopy ahhahahah

  70. demontrent10653
    преди 3 дни

    😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  71. noor hahah
    noor hahah
    преди 4 дни

    me trying to go full screen : *I'm a brave man* me 2 seconds later : *I'm not that brave*

  72. Hunter Stark
    Hunter Stark
    преди 4 дни

    awww, look at the cute... baby?

  73. Ogga Booga444
    Ogga Booga444
    преди 4 дни

    This brong out my mannequin phobia. Holy sheee

  74. Jethro Aguillon
    Jethro Aguillon
    преди 4 дни

    Mark is scared and being brave at the same time.

  75. Jethro Aguillon
    Jethro Aguillon
    преди 4 дни


  76. Titania Mengyun
    Titania Mengyun
    преди 4 дни

    For the record, I love this comment section would marry comfort/10

  77. gamingpotatoBR
    преди 4 дни

    "Imma go in the back way so I can see it" -Markiplier, circa 2021

  78. Paige
    преди 4 дни

    Why did he choose the DOLLMAKER tho... RIP Mark

  79. Josh Carr
    Josh Carr
    преди 4 дни

    - Markiplier enters the locker - - Also Mark - " WHERES MY MOTION TRACKER?!?!?!?!?

  80. Stephanie lomeli
    Stephanie lomeli
    преди 4 дни


    преди 4 дни

    5:55 I automatically thought of Levi saying “Give up your dreams and die” 😭😂

  82. Maximizergamezz
    преди 4 дни

    I was fine during the basement until that thing showed up

  83. All My Collections
    All My Collections
    преди 4 дни

    Mark examining mannequin "This is my nightmare" Me knowing that the hospital in Little Nightmares 2 exists "Oh you're going to wish all you had to deal with was this one stationary inanimate mannequin..." ***Please play LN2***

  84. Natalie Harry Potter Lover612
    Natalie Harry Potter Lover612
    преди 4 дни

    My fear that the dolls that live in my great grandmas bedroom are going to kill me in the night is not going to make me stop watching, but it might make me have a heart attack and/or nightmares

  85. Erza Jean
    Erza Jean
    преди 4 дни

    Reading all the comments so that i'll be less scared asdfhdls help

  86. Elizabeth Harris
    Elizabeth Harris
    преди 4 дни

    this is where i remember mark is terrified of mannaquins

  87. shane caissie
    shane caissie
    преди 4 дни

    i saw "a memento of my time with ethan" and my brain just started chanting unus annus

  88. Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez
    преди 4 дни

    lemme just say i’ve been watching you as a kid and kinda haven’t seen you on youtube for a while it was nice to come back to this channel after a while

  89. Jason Shreiner
    Jason Shreiner
    преди 4 дни

    Resident evil 9 should build off of this by bringing the canned version of resident evil 4 back but before he was on the force, like maybe a private investigator or a dude just trying to check on his friends that went inside on a dare, and it had to do with all this because he spends the whole time hallucinating, trying to tell what’s fake and what will really kill him.

  90. medilir
    преди 4 дни

    ok ill give it to them, this actually scared me. And considering I never get scared by horror movies or games, I think it says something that I was a little uncomfortable...

  91. Jonathan Oglesby
    Jonathan Oglesby
    преди 5 дни

    The progression of fear on Marks face at 30:07 to 30:30 is amazing

  92. BRN
    преди 5 дни

    That baby though was like the scariest shit I've ever fucking seen

  93. Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan
    преди 5 дни

    Me watching Markiplier get scared by the littlest things:😧😆 Me realizing that the baby is about to come: 😧😟😬

  94. Malachi Atkinson
    Malachi Atkinson
    преди 5 дни

    I just played through House Beneviento (like, 10 minutes ago) and _dear _*_God._* This sequence shook me to the fucking _core_ in ways that entertainment has not achieved since I watched The Neverending Story at age 10. The dread that the wolf's presence instilled in me, and the cold, deafening quiet of the Nothing- I hadn't felt like that since. Until tonight. Bravo, Capcom.

  95. t o e
    t o e
    преди 5 дни


  96. Gray Everest
    Gray Everest
    преди 5 дни

    Markplier in the beginning: Haha big vampire lady Markiplier now: that some spoopy

  97. Danel DeMeta
    Danel DeMeta
    преди 5 дни

    I hate clowns and Annabelle dolls

  98. Cool Damian
    Cool Damian
    преди 5 дни

    27:58 *Mark’s fear of mannequins*

  99. Barbara Ellis
    Barbara Ellis
    преди 5 дни

    *Mark* "I will eat your ass" *House Beneviento* -Please leave, sir.-

  100. Barbara Ellis
    Barbara Ellis
    преди 5 дни

    so i have these new gaming headphones that i'm trying out on this video.... worst mistake ever.